Our magnetic boards are great for holding pictures, notes or invitations. This project comes unfinished ready for you to paint and assemble. To adhere the metal to the wood board, we recommend using any adhesive that will bond metal to wood such as: Welder Glue, contact cement, Liquid Nails, or epoxy.

How to:
1. Paint the edges and a half inch around the top sides of the board.
2. Apply an 11x11" piece of scrapbook paper to metal using an adhesive spray (3M 77 works great).
3. Apply a 4x11" piece of scrapbook paper to one side of the 11x11 paper using either Mod Podge or an adhesive spray (be sure to not overspray). This paper will overlap the first paper.
4. Apply vinyl to page.
5. Get creative! Add ribbon, ricrac, buttons, or whatever your heart desires.
6. Attach the metal to the board by using contact cement, Welder glue, or apoxy.
7. Protect your paper with a coat of Mod Podge over the entire surface.

Metal Cost (11 x 11"):$3.00
Wood Cost (11.5 x 11.5"):$3.50

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